Trados Team

Transform your team's work!

Trados Team is a new generation platform for project management. Integrated with Trados Studio, this tool is designed for teams of translators to work securely on shared projects from anywhere. Trados Team simplifies processes, automates tasks, provides real-time access to translation projects, thus ensuring faster high-quality translations.

By cooperating, users can easily and quickly share project files, translation memories, termbases, machine translation at the same time with Trados Team.

Centralized translation memories will be available to everyone working on the project. This means increased reuse of translation memories, consistency and quality of the translated text, and increased productivity.

Project management

Trados Team enables rapid project creation with project templates and pre-configured work parameters. By distributing and sharing these projects and other resources with other collaborators, project managers will be able to add content, select the best translation resources, and use previous work.

Managers will also have the opportunity to monitor the entire project process and stage wherever they are. Tasks can be assigned quickly and conveniently via PC, mobile phone, MAC or tablet.

Additional files can be conveniently added even halfway through the project.

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